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Hello World!

"Never allow your name to be printed in the media unless you're receiving some type of an award."

This is but one of the many lessons my father taught me growing up, and against my better judgment I am ignoring it.

It seems like everyone I know
nowadays has either a blog or a MySpace account, so I figured it was my turn to jump on the bandwagon.

My wife tells me that only people who have something really interesting or important to say should have a blog.
I really don't know if I qualify in that area, but if you know me well, then you know that I am known (despite my best efforts to the contrary) as a "Talker."

I've never really liked this label as it seems to be viewed as a negative characteristic by the general public. This in itself seems wrong, it seems to me that an individual who talks a lot should be known as a good communicator, not an annoyance.

Having said this, however, I will admit that an individual must learn when it is and is not appropriate to speak. I struggled with this concept as a child and therefore ended up writing thousands of sentences for teachers in my early grade school years.

It used to kill me that upon finishing the one hundredth sentence of my punishment (as sentence writing was always assigned in sets of one hundred), that my teacher would simply look at them, tell me I was free to go, and throw them in the trash. You would think that after writing thousands of times "I will not talk in class unless called upon by my teacher," that I would get the idea and be quiet. Instead, I just developed a really strong right hand.

Anyway, I really don't know what I'm going to write about on this blog, but I'm sure my family, the New York Yankees, BYU, and anything "Geeky" will come up frequently. Maybe by writing it all out here I won't find the need to talk as often an then will be known as "Mute Man."

Yeah.........probably not.


K said...

Yay! A Carlson blog. Can't wait to read more.

ps Tell Mind that it's interesting to read about her! Not to write a blog is purely selfish!!!! (I'm still waiting to hear about Boston. I feel so out of the club.)

Kernal Ken said...

Hey Matt and Mindy,

Your blog will be great! Recommend you make the text bigger/darker so that it reads easily to a wide variety of eyes.

I know Mindy will have much to contribute, because she always asks the most interesting and thought provoking questions of anyone I know.

Must be the birthdate - a secret we share.

Rock on! And welcome to blogger world.

Kirsten said...

Matt, I think this is a fantastic outlet for your "talking." BUT if Mindy posts something on YOUR blog, I would be surprised.