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A Letter to my Father

Dear Dad,

I can't even begin to understand how difficult the past couple of weeks have been for you. If it were possible I wish I could take your place and undergo the necessary treatment to rid your body of the cancer which has attacked you.
As an outsider looking in I have felt helpless just wishing that there was something I could do to help. No child wants to see their parents suffer, especially when they are thousands of miles away and cannot embrace the one they love. You and mom got a taste of what I talking about when I was hospitalized in Russia. It has taken everything in my power not to get on a plane and fly out there.

When I got off the phone with you the last time we spoke I was determined to help you. The fact is simple, I am a Carlson and we just don't do well sitting around in a time of crisis. Following our conversation it dawned on me what was needed.
For as long as I can remember you have always had a talent at inspiring others. When morale is low you rally the troops! I appreciate how you have always made me feel that you were proud of me, even in those moments when I felt as though I let you down. You have boosted my self esteem time and again and made me feel like I could accomplish anything.

Now it's my time to return the favor. I have rallied the troops (with the help of your wife and daughter) to remind you what is at stake in your current battle. I know you hurt and I can't imagine the discomfort you are in, but I hope this small gesture will strengthen your spirit, enliven your soul and give you the strength and courage to beat this enemy. We are behind you all the way!

Love your son,

I have downloaded the video in 3 different versions (small, medium, large) on a secure server. You can access it by clicking here. You will need a username and password to access it. I have done this to protect the photos and comments of those who participated. If you want the username and password and I have not already sent it to you send me an email message.


Tobi said...


I was crying before I even started watching the video. You did amazing, stupendous, fantastic, wonderful job!

It was so cool to see how many lives Ken Carlson has touched and the beautiful words of support from all of them.

So go ahead and give yourself a bloggie this week. Who else deserves it?

Spymommy said...

Um, Bloggies should definitely go to people who turn me into a sobbing pile of snot and tears first thing in the morning. I needed a good cry today - never good to keep it bottled up - so thanks Mattie. You did a great job and I am sure dad will 'feel the love'. Way to go bro.

starz916 said...

Hey Matt, I would love to see the video. My e-mail is if you guys don't mind. My prayers are still with you all! ♥

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I have to publicly add my voice to the chorus of praise. The video is amazing, you are extraordinarily talented and I remain a big pile of goo.
That video will do great things for your father. You are a well loved family and he is an honored man - deservedly so.

and thanks for the OpSec shout-out!!

Jennerator said...

You are a great son! I don't really know your dad, but after watching that, I know that he is loved. He'll be touched, I know that it inspired me.

Hil said...

Thanks for including me, Matt. You did a beautiful job! I'm the only one in my family down here in Texas and I know that helpless feeling you have when things go wrong and you can't be there in person... Again, awesome job!

Sue said...

The video is phenomenal! It's the perfect gift and something that will bring inspiration and courage over and over again.

My favorite entry is the one from Shar's hunk-of-a-soldier husband. I loved reading the counsel from one soldier to another.

I smiled when I read the OPSEC comment in your email. My mind went directly to the old AFN commmercial whispering, "keep it secure!"