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To Blog or Not To Blog?

I am a huge supporter of new media. As an Information Architect I find it fascinating to discover and understand all of the various means society uses to communicate with one another.

The internet has opened doors to a realm of communication that 20 years ago one could have only envisioned in a science fiction movie. I feel fortunate to live in a day in age when with the click of a button one can easily reach out to friends and family. I am especially mindful of those of you who are separated by great distances from your loved ones. How wonderful it is to be able to contact them on a daily basis through the miracle of the modern day computer.

Blogging, while not relatively new to the internet has become for me a new way to stay informed to the lives of people I care about. The concept was originally intended to serve as a form of online journal keeping, but with the advent of social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and others it has become a hybrid cross between record keeping and idea sharing.

I have heard critics compare blogs to Christmas card letters claiming that their purpose is to serve egotistical maniacs in a way that allows them to brag even more. I cannot deny that this may be true for some, however, I feel that when used prudently a blog can enrich the lives of others and bridge connections that otherwise would be lost. I am more than pleased with the people I have reconnected with since entering the blogosphere. It has even reminded me that I have a brother that lives in Virginia. (-:

And so to those critics I say "Wake Up!" With every great idea comes greater condemnation. There have been critics with the phone, automobile, plane, computer, internet and every other idea that have made our lives more convenient. Are there times these things are used improperly for something bad? Absolutely. Does that mean that we can't utilize this technology for something good. Absolutely not.

And so when asked the question, "To Blog or Not To Blog?"

I vehemently reply, "To Blog!"


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I'm with you Matt. And while it's a great way to keep the hubby posted on the family, it's also a really nice way for me to vent frustrations, share moments and keep sort of an online interactive journal. Sometimes just getting it "out there" with my friends and family who can't be here in my living room really helps me get through an otherwise lousy moment or share a really happy one. I know I'm particularly grateful for this medium because it makes me a whole lot less lonely.

Spymommy said...

My only beef with you blogging Matt, is that you promised one or two posts a week and haven't delivered! I enjoy reading what you have to say so much - it's just not frequent enough.

But now you are at the hospital with your sweet Irish Mindy having your third baby, and you will never have time to blog again. Nice knowin' ya!

(Just kidding of course and CAN'T WAIT to see little miss Tessa!)

The Queen Vee said...

BLOG on and don't pay attention to those nay-saying, anti blogging blog snob folks. Blogs are great and there is no reason to defend having one.

Jennerator said...