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Introducing Tessa Grace

Born: March 19, 2007

Time: 7:38 AM

Weight: 8 pounds 5 ounces

Height: 21 inches

Number of Pushes from Mindy: 4

Epidural: Much to Mindy's dismay.........NO

Stay tuned, more details and photos to come! 


The Queen Vee said...

Way to go Mindy! WOW, that was fast. Sorry you didn't get the drugs but kudos to you for delivering without any... you will recover faster.

We can't tell much yet from the picture except that she looks hungry and is here safely which is an answer to our prayers. Give that sweet baby girl Tessa Grace? some lovin from us.

we love you all.

Kernal Ken said...

saI've never walked out of the National Naval Medical Center in tears until this morning.

Must be unnerving to see the elevator door open in front of you and have this 6'4", 220 lb guy, holding his shirt away from his neck to keep the burned skin from sticking to his shirt, sobbing like a baby.

"is there something we could do to help?" asked several. "No, replied the Queen Vee, "Those are just tears of joy - we just welcomed our eighth grandchild onto the planet,"

The Circle of Life - enough to bring joy through the pain...

Welcome, Tessa Grace! You are in good hands.

Love, Papa

The Borman Family said...

Oh Mindy, this is what I am afraid of. Especially because Katelyn is already weighing in at about 8 lbs. I see my doctor today and I think I will really push for that induction. Good for you for doing it on your own but I don't want to go there. I am sure you experienced it all for the both of us. I love you! Glad thats over for you. Carrie

Kirsten said...

Mindy, way to go!!! Congratulations on another cutie-pie girl. I can't wait to meet her! Tessa Grace is a great name, too. Love you guys!

Spymommy said...

When I asked you two days ago if you were going to go "natural" this time and you said H#LL NO!, did you really mean H#LL YES?

You have been elevated to the status of birthing hero in my book and I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet girl who took her time deciding when to come, but once she'd made up her mind, got here in a hurry! Must be a Carlson.

Way to go Matt and Mindy. She's just beautiful!

Mona said...

Welcome baby Tessa! Cute name to fit a cute kid.

Jennerator said...


Joel said...

Three little princesses you are a stronger man than I. congrats thats very exciting. So have you made plans for the type of rifle you are going to polish when they all start dating? If you need I can think of a few good suggestions.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Good job Mindy! Welcome Tessa! Start saving Matt!! You are so totally outnumbered, it's hilarious.

Sue said...

She's totally doing the "show me the boobie!"