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Photos from the Joyous Day!

The happy big sisters. Please notice the awesome hat made by the nurse from New York City. Word!
Mom feeling great (not really but she sure looks like it!)
Kicking back in the sauna.
In moments that thumb will be in the mouth. We have a sucker people!


The Queen Vee said...

The Girlies, what cuties.

Looks like Tessa is long waisted, that would be my side of the family. I can see now the bruising on her sweet little mug. I'm sure that will go a way quickly. She's got chubby little legs and arms. All, in all she is just yummy.

It's official, Olivia is now just a princess as a new Queen has arrived.

Mindy, you look fab and hopefully you'll feel that way soon.

I don't know about that hat Matt.

The Carlsons said...

Yea! Little Tessa is finally here. What a cutie....were all your girls long waisted....I thought they were long legged?

Mindy, you're amazing. Enough said.

Matt, I love the hat. Awesome!

Glad to see that you are all doing so well.

Love, A

P.S. Sam can't keep his hands off the screen. "What's that, what's that...."
It's your cousin Tessa, stop touching.

Spymommy said...

I think there is still a possibility that she could have some red in that hair.

Auntie Sammy

The Letteer's said...

Yay! I was checking your blog like every five minutes today (not really...but it was a lot). Glad to see she's here and healthy. Congrats to the mom and tell her I want to hear the birth story soon!

Jennerator said...

YAY! I'm surprised she's so chubby, you'd think I had her.

Mindy, you look fantastic! My girly is alomst 18 months and I don't look as good as you!

Tessa, I can hardly wait to hold you next week (secretly I am hoping it will be in two days)!

starz916 said...

congratulations!! she's a cutie, just like your other 2 girlies.

Tobi said...

Awesome!! So great to see the new cuteness! Tell Mindy I feel her pain. I didn't get an epidural with Cora because she came so darn quick. But it did seem like the recovery was quicker without an epidural.

I love the name you picked! I can't wait to see more pictures.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I had a non-functioning "block" with Trent. It ain't pretty. Mindy sure looks pretty though - and not one bit swollen. I'm always very envious of the non-swellers since I swell like a balloon with my whole preeclampsia problem. My nose even swells. Mindy makes having babies look easy and pretty. What's up with that?

The Borman Family said...

You guys, this baby is so very cute. I can not wait to see her. Mindy looks bright eyed and fantastic. I hope you are feeling much better than before you had her. I love this picture of Olivia. You can see how very excited she is to be a big sister. We love you and Congrats! Carrie

Debbie said...

Matt and Mindy,
Congrats, she's beautiful! Matt, I'm "Jennerator's" neighbor. I met Mindy when she was out visiting and barely pregnant! Jenn told me to check out your site for pictures! She's absolutely perfect! And Mindy, you look awesome!

Sue said...

Mindy, YOU are the queen! Those girlies will have their day, but you get queen status for going au naturale.

Matt, way to be the proud papa and get these photos posted right away! I'll start praying for you in about 18 months when yet another round of "girl drama" will begin!

Shar, I get the whole wide nose thing, too. It's SUPER flattering!