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Politics, Lost, Baseball, and Ding-Dongs

You might be asking yourself right now what do these 4 things have in common and why on earth am I writing about them?

Yesterday, John McCain and Hillary Clinton won the Florida primary. Though I know both the Republicans and Democrats are still a long ways from selecting a final candidate, I can't help but think that these two will ultimately be our choices for the highest office in our nation.

For myself this is a very discouraging prospect as I feel neither are good choices for the Presidency. In my opinion, McCain is a Republican in name only and is too old to deal with the day-to-day challenges that face our nation. If elected, I believe we would serve only one term in office.

As for Clinton, I don't have enough space on this blog to write out all the reasons she is the wrong choice for our country. I will say that if she becomes the President she will divide and politically polarize our country in a a way this nation hasn't seen Civil War.

The second disappointment I experienced yesterday was with Major League Baseball. It looks like Johan Santana (amazing pitcher for the Minnesota Twins) will be traded to the New York Mets and not my beloved Yankees. While I am relieved that he will not be playing for the "Team-That-Must-Not-Be-Named," it doesn't change the fact that the Yanks have a big hole in their rotation and need a quality pitcher. Hopefully they'll pick someone up soon.

The third disappointment dealt with Hostess Ding-Dongs. This is probably shocking news to all reading this post because how can you go wrong with little chocolate covered cakes that have a delicious cream center filling made of chemicals I can't pronounce? Well, you can't really. That is unless you decide to change the ingenious tinfoil wrapping that when placed in the freezer turns the cake rock hard and makes them so delicious. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened and in so doing my childhood memories have been crushed! I will never forgive you Hostess.

Finally, tomorrow marks the 2-hour premiere of season 4 of the television show "Lost." I love this show from creator J.J. Abrams because just when I think I have it all figured out something new happens which completely blows my mind. A lot of people can't stand these conspiracy theory shows, but I embrace them with open arms and love the ambiguity they provide.

However, this show to comes with disappointment. Because of the writer's strike (can they resolve their issues already!) we will only get 8 episodes this year instead of the usual 16. Maybe if we're lucky we'll get 24 in 2009.

And now that you have patiently read this entry I will give you the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this post?

What do Politics, Lost, Baseball, and Ding-Dongs have in common?

The Answer: Our country is being led by a large group of
Political Ding-Dongs who are Lost to the issues that matter to everyday Americans and would rather focus on Baseball (i.e. The Mitchell Report) than issues of true importance.

Not that baseball is unimportant, just not as important. (:


Spymommy said...

Hi.Lar.I.ous! I too am ultra, supa, crazy excited about tomorrow's season premier of Lost. I feel like I've been away from decent scripted television for too long now and the reality shows are starting to give me migraines and acne. Bring on Locke, Sawyer and Jack, I say! Cheers Mattie!

Jenn said...

I can not even describe how much I loathe Hillary Clinton!! I never knew I could hate someone until she ran for the Senate and now the presidency. I think that if we are not a nation divided now, we most certainly will be one if she takes over.

Ding-dongs packaging was updated a while back, I only know that because Brian LOVES them. You know me and chocolate are like oil and water.

starz916 said...

You are right, the country is/might be lead by a bunch of DingDongs! Welcome to blog land! I haven't talked to you in years and years!! Maybe when I was in High School and you would come and hang out with me and Audrey's and Chris' apartment while they were at work? Crazy how the time flies by! Your family is beautiful and I can't wait to keep up with more of the Carlson's life through the great bloggerland!

Jenn said...

Oh yeah, I like the graphic.

Mona said...

Ding Dongs without a foil wrapper! The horror! The indecency! This outrage is only slightly less than what I will feel if on Voting Day, I have to choose between McCain and Clinton. Boo.

Tobi Wilkinson said...

Lost. How well I love thee! Writers and the 'MAN' how I wish to strangle thee.

Personally I love chocolate Zingers frozen. Yum!

The Queen Vee said...

Lost, I'm lost when I watch it which is seldom. Baseball is not the celestial sport. Ding Dongs with no foil wrapper, now that's a real problem. Oh, to still be able to eat that totally unhealthy little chocolate marshmellow fluff treat.

Kernal Ken said...

What? If those total losers are still "lost" by the end of 2009, please put me in contact with the producers.

I will introduce them to the cadre of the US Army Ranger School. If they remain "lost" after several "gentle lessons" on how to become "found", they will learn a lesson about slippery slopes: