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My 30th Birthday

Yep, this picture pretty much sums up how I feel about turing 30...... I'm tired, dang tired.

However, as my witty wife who refuses to blog pointed out there are some strikingly strong similarities between me and my youngest daughter.

At 30 years of age I'm pretty much content with the same things she is, a solid bowel movement in the morning, a long nap in the afternoon, and some boobs at night.

I hope this made your day.


Spymommy said...

If that baby in the picture wasn't so dang cute, I'd be reaching through the screen right now to pop you upside the head! Ewww . . . I don't want to know about your morning meeting . . . gag. (I totally get the boob thing though - mad props.)

Mona said...


And happy belated!

Tobi said...

Matt I commend you. You don't even have the smallest drop of shame. I like it.

BTW- Who won the monthly bloggie for May? Get on it man!

acte gratuit said...

Wrong wrong wrong. Funny, but so wrong!

Iron_woman said...

Hello there,

I pass by to your blog and just wanted jot down some words. You have a beautiful baby. Enjoy every precious moment with her.


The Queen Vee said...

In typical Carlson fashion you have shared more information with us than we really need to know and also with the rest of the world.

Nothing this family does or says can surprise or shock me. Your blog thoughts kind of go along with a story I heard yesterday, thank goodness it won't be posted on any blog. Hilarious but best kept under wraps.

It was worth checking your blog today though so that I could feast my eyes on that perfectly precious sleeping angel baby, she's getting so big. Can't wait till July but suppose that I'll have to.

Kirbell said...

Glad you blogged again. Not so glad I have that image burned in my brain now. That baby is the cutest!

Kirbell said...

Oh, yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jennerator said...

You described EXACTLY what Brian does every weekend. Every single weekend. And if he could, it would be everyday (the nap part at least, the rest is pretty regular (in both ways).

THANK YOU for FINALLY posting a picture of that sweet little baby!! She's beautiful.

Emily Shafenberg said...

I would say TMI... but I already know way too much.

Sue said...

Matt, I swear, you were my brother in another life. So dang funny I giggled myself silly when I read this. Really needed it today.

And let's be honest: men are pretty simple creatures. All they really need to right all the other wrongs in the world are some friendly boobies in the evening.

Layla said...

Made my day indeed.

Thanks for the chuckle,

The Lettered Cottage