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Is The Media Liberally Biased?

This is a question that is often heatedly debated by the general public and one of which I feel qualified to write on since I ran a web department for CBS News for over 3 years. Today I went to the websites of the "5 Major" news operations in the United States and captured what the headlines were that displayed for both Republicans and Democrats at the top of each website's homepage respectively. Here are the results:


Republican Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) Felon’s Cautionary Tale of ‘How To Rig An Election (about a former Republican operative who went to Federal prison after felony charges for jamming the lines of the Democratic party on election day)

2) Palin misstates VP role

3) Republican Attacks are Desperate

4) Protester tries to handcuff Karl Rove

Democrat Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) Obama Says Economy, Security Linked

CBS News

Republican Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) The Invisible Man of Campaign ’08 (about how President Bush has yet to appear at a campaign rally for this election)

2) Stevens Corruption Case In Hands Of Jurors (about charges brought against longest-serving senate Republican)

3) $150G From GOP For Fashions For Palins?

4) Obama: McCain’s in Cahoots With “Joe the CEO”

Democrat Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) Is North Carolina Turning Blue?

2) Big Donors Drive Obama’s Money Edge


Republican Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) McCain asks N.H. For One More Comeback

2) GOP Spends $150,000 for Palin’s Wardrobe

3) Bachmann: Talk Show Appearance ‘Big Mistake’ (about a Republican who made an ‘anti-American’ Obama comment on a talkshow)

Democrat Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) Obama Targeting McCain’s Own State

2) Obama has a Trump Card


Republican Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) McCain’s Odds Lengthen in Crucial States

2) Palin Shopping Spree Legal? Yes, But Barely

3) Karl Rove Escapes Handcuffs

Democrat Based Headlines on Front Page:

1) Obama Boogies Down on ‘Ellen’

2) Obama Defends Running Mate Biden

3) Hasselbeck’s Obama Confession (Elizabeth Hasselbeck admits she considered voting for Obama after his DNC speech)


Republican Based Headlines On Front Page:

1) Joe ‘The Stumbler’s” Big Gift To McCain

2) You Decide: $150G For Palin’s Wardrobe?

3) Palin: The Election is ‘All in God’s Hands’

Democrat Based Headlines On Front Page:

1) Obama Grabs 9-Point Lead

2) How Does Obama Spend More Than $390M?

3) Report Raises Questions on ACORN Funds

So there you have it folks. I think it is obvious that Fox News leans more to the right more than the other news agencies, but that being said the main headline on their site was "Obama Grabs 9-Point Lead," which is very pro-Democrat. The other 4 News agencies clearly have a liberal agenda as almost every headline puts the Republican party in a bad light and makes the Democrats look good. There are several serious issues in this election that could have been brought up in regards to the Democratic party, but the general media (with the exception of Fox News) has avoided reported them.

For those of you who are unclear as to how stories are chosen to be reported on the news let me briefly explain. Reporters seek out stories and pitch their ideas to the News Director who ultimately decides if it is "News Worthy" for the general public. That's it! Yes, that's right one person ultimately decides what he/she thinks you need to hear. The news business is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship and the blind public puts their trust in biased dictators.

When I worked in the news there was a quote on the wall from Hunter S. Thompson that read:

"The news business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

This statement couldn't be more true and it ultimately was the reason I abandoned this career path. This being said, there are good people who work in the news business and I'm friends with a lot of them, but until the process changes in how the news is reported it's important to seek out the truth and not be blinded by sensationalism. The news business has done a huge disservice in this upcoming presidential election and a lot of people have had the wool pulled over their eyes because of it.

To quote a great 90's television show and to end this post in conspiracy theory type fashion:



Emily Sue said...

Very interesting. A little bit of rambling, but needless to say, very intersting. About time you get that stupid music video gone.

Matt said...

Rambling is the keystone of my blog. Maybe I should change the name from "The Digital Architect" to "The Rambling Rambler."

By the way, it's about time you entered the blogosphere.

Spymommy said...

I agree with this post wholeheartedly. As I drove past the north part of our town tonight while 20,000 people gathered at a large farm to hear Barrack Obama speak in person (yes, in my little town!) I rolled down my window and listened to the John McCain backers shouting things like "Do your own research" and "Don't let the liberally biased media decide this election for you." Thanks for the timely reminder Matt!

ps. AP Poll today shows the race at almost a dead tie, which is completely different than what everyone else is reporting . . . hmmm.

Kernal Ken said...

The Mainstream Media is not biased. Rather, it is "completely in the tank" for "The Chosen One", his Excellency Barack Obama.

Biased indicates "leans toward." The MSM is the big fish that has swallowed not only the Koolaid and the hook, but the entire container, and is now being reeled ashore where it will soon see exactly what has been pulling on it all this time.

Apis Melliflora said...

The "news" is a misnomer. Too true. In an election year, not much is new any way. You forgot to include NPR! I know someone who gets very worked up when this publicly funded radio station airs the news.

Tobi said...

I never thought to compare and contrast different news stations and their headlines. Interesting how you can clearly see their opinons right in the headline.

Great post Matt!!

Jennerator said...

How can there possibly be a heated debate, the answer is obvious.

acte gratuit said...

Amen, Brotha!

The Queen Vee said...

Liberally biased, you bet. Electing our next President by their influence and failure to report "all of the story", you bet. Failing our country at a critical time, you bet.

You're right Matt, "The True is out There", but you bet...impossible for the the average person to read, hear or find out about.

New Law Practice said...
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Jeremy said...

Good thing for the media bias, without it the uninformed public would have voted for George W. Bush. Can you imagine 8 years of that?

Matt said...

Your right why on earth would I want to repeat what the last 8 years have been like? You know 8 years where:

- My company grew from a little under 2000 employees to almost 6000.

- My company has turned in quarterly gains for 3 consecutive years.

- I've received a tax cut every year (middle class tax cut) for the last 8 years.

- I've owned 2 homes.

- My salary has grown substantially.

- There hasn't been a successful terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11/01.

I guess you're right, considering all those things I definitely don't want to repeat the last 8 years because for me personally they've been miserable.

Matt said...

The only thing worse would be to repeat the 4 years President Carter was in office.

You know those 4 years where in 1977 the Democrats passed the Community Reinvestment Act which initiated a series of failed Democratic policies that caused the collapse of the housing market and threw us in the worst financial collapse since the "Great Depression."

Oh wait, I'm sorry according to all the Obama ads I keep seeing on TV this collapse occurred because of the failed economic policies of the past 8 years and the Democrats are completely blameless.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

You missed my point . . . we're talking about the media here. More plainly, how did Bush get elected twice if the media is so influencial?

I voted for Bush, I am not arguing he was not the better choice. My point is that you give the media way too much credit and not enough credit to the "public" (whoever that is). If you are duped by the media then fine, but it is my experience that the "public" is a pretty dang smart. I know the talking heads of the political right want you to believe otherwise but it is simply not the case.

The public is not fooled by things that don't matter in an election. They focus in on what is important and my experience is that they almost always elect the better option. It is a total cop out to argue the public is being tricked or fooled by the Media when these are the same people that voted in Bush. The same supposed media that would have like to have seen a Gore or Kerry Presidency. The majority of people might not agree with you or with me, but I disagree with the premise that the "public" is easily fooled by the media. Is the media bias? Sure, but the effect of the bias is way over blown.

Matt said...

You make a good point, where I disagree with you is on your assessment of the general public. I will not deny that many Americans are smart, were this not the case we would not be the World's superpower.

However, I think many if not most Americans are fairly uninformed when it comes to the issues that face America and the reasons that caused them. If this were not the case the country would be up in arms around clear political decisions that were made in both the Carter and Clinton administrations that have undeniably caused the financial meltdown with home mortgages in America.

It's interesting that the media has not discussed this issue so close to the general election.

Andrew said...

If I'm not supposed to believe everything I read...then how can I possibly believe what you've written here? Quite the conundrum if you ask me.