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Black Tuesday

I am not referencing the great stock market crash of 1929 with the title of this blog entry. I could see how one might assume this considering the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 370 points yesterday.

The real reason I chose this title is that yesterday was "Super Tuesday," and in my opinion the results weren't that super. In fact, they were quite the opposite.

I cannot figure out for the life of me why John McCain and Hillary Clinton are currently leading in the delegate count. Has our country gone mad? The only other 2 people that would be worse in this position are Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton (if that ever happens I swear I moving back to Sweden, the land of my ancestors).

I'll step off my soapbox and save you the details of why I think our nation is making a huge mistake, but before I do I want to state one thing. If Barack Obama and John McCain end up being the nominees for the presidency I will not hesitate in voting for Barack Obama (Dad, if you're reading this post calm down and take a deep breath).

Why you may ask? Because I would rather have a "Carter-esque" type President in office for 4 years followed by a strong Republican President for 8 years than a liberal, washed-up Republican President in office for 4 years followed by Democrat President for 8 years. And if McCain is elected President this is exactly what will happen.

All right, enough about the candidates. Let's discuss the other disturbing issue related to this matter, the news media. Does anyone know what the actual delegate count is in this election? If you select the image attached to this post you will see the current delegate count as stated by the big 4 (CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS). What you will find is that they are all different and that certain liberal news agencies are distorting the facts to support their agenda. Look at the difference in the count between the most liberal (CBS) and the most conservative (FOX). Does this disturb anyone else as much as it does me?

I wonder what are Forefathers must be thinking about the state of our nation right now.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I know why your dad hyperventilates over Barak Obama. I do too - and it's a really odd position to favor Hillary over anyone but the man is downright scary when it comes to foreign policy. Since this is the person who will be sending my husband into various conflicts, I think I'd rather go with someone who at least has an idea who are friends are and who they are not - and who we have relations with, and who we do not. Obama is sorely lacking in this department. In a downright frightening way. Believe me, I really want to like him better than Hillary - I do. I think she's the anti-Christ. But she knows her business overseas. She's politicing right now, but look at her voting record. She knows what's what. Just my two cents. But I like the idea of you writing me in too. :-)

Tobi Wilkinson said...

I don't know why McCain is in the lead right now either. He's a total nin-can-poop! He is a liberal democrat masquerading as a conservative republican! Spread the word.

Mona said...

I'll vote for either democratic nominee over Mr. John McCain. That man makes me feel all creepy inside and out.

I eventually had to turn off the TV last night because it made me so mad--the Republican results and the circus media.

The writer's strike needs to end so I have something else to watch. ;)

Spymommy said...

Matt, let's both write Sharlene in and see what happens. I'm actually ignoring politics until after I come back from seeing you in Denver. The only voting I'm concerning myself with right now has to do with American Idol.

Jenn said...

Hear, Hear!! I think I will join you in Sweden, also the land of my ancestors. I am dreading the end of the primaries. I am also praying...and praying that Romney will make a comeback. I am so disappointed in my fellow southerners. In Oklahoma, Hillary won 55% of the vote, McCain 38% (I swear that people are just stupid). And I feel the same about McCain and Obama...which is REALLY hard for me to say. I am still rallying for Romney to pull it out. In my humble estimation, he is the only true conservative in the race. I could go on and on about this, but it would just end in hypertension for me.

The Letteer's said...

Romney's out of the race...