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David Archuleta is Amazing!

In 2002 I was running a web department for CBS News and had the opportunity to write a story about an 11 year old Latter-Day Saint singer named David Archuleta.

At the time he was competing on the revised version of "Star Search," not the good one hosted by Ed Mcmahon, but the really bad one hosted by Arsenio Hall.

When I first heard this kid sing I was completely floored! Very rarely am I so captivated by someone's God-given talent that it completely grabs my attention, but this is exactly what happened in that moment.

I occasionally will catch an episode of "American Idol." Last night I happened to turn on the television just in time to hear 17 year old David Archuleta perform (I was surprised as I didn't even know he was on the show). I once again experienced the same astonishment I felt some 6 years earlier when I first saw him perform. Click on the video to watch his performance last night. If this kid doesn't win "American Idol" then the fans have committed a hugh injustice.

Here are 2 other songs that David performed before he became an "American Idol" contestant:

I can't wait for the day he releases his first album as he has serious skills!


Tobi said...

Interesing that we both blogged about music.

Your song is Boogie Shoes by KC and the Sunshine Band. Why? Because you mention the birds and the bee's A LOT!!

starz916 said...

i love this kid!! i also can't wait for him to make an album! this kid stands our considerably compared to any of the other contestants!! i can't wait to keep hearing more!!

Spymommy said...

After hearing David sing on Tuesday's show, I was left in tears. (but unlike Paula, knew to wipe my nose.)

His amazing singing voice is only half the appeal for me though. It also has a lot to do with sensing that he is very genuine in his acceptance of praise, as well as a little overwhelmed by it all.

Many of the other contestants seem just like all the other pop stars out there today - fake, playing to industry whims, annoyingly low on the morality scale and they bore me.

Archuleta is young, super cute, he's got serious pipes, but doesn't seem to have an ounce of sleeze or creep factor in him.

I hope he goes all the way. I hope America gets it right. And if they don't, he will definitely still have a career.

BTW - how weird was it when Paula said she wanted to squeeze his head off and hang it from her dashboard?

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Ditto Sam.

Thanks for posting that Matt. It'll make it much easier for my hubby to see the amazing kid. I've been telling him about AI this year and he hasn't been able to hear it yet and we haven't taken the time to search out any vids. You just made it a whole lot easier for us. I appreciate you!

Speaking of - I think I mentioned that you guys are the same age. I thought you were my brother's age. T's 31. I feel a little less bizarre-o now and can say again that you are 10. Love ya!!!

Jennerator said...

I haven't watched the boys singing and have only caught a glimpse of some of the girls (I like that little Asian(?) girl. But I will take your word for it. Plus the words of most people I know who watch it and love him.

Paula is weird. I can barely understand half the stuff she says. She is quite incoherent.

And saying that you want to cut someone's head off and hang it up...

Kirsten said...

Did you know that Richard Parkinson was/is his accompanist? Did you get an email from him about David being on AI?