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The Trailer Has Arrived!

Awesome, awesome, and more awesome!

Not only is this Valentine's day a moment when I can stop and reflect on the love that I have for the wonderful woman that chose to marry me, but it is also a day when I am reminded how much I love the Indiana Jones series.

If you didn't notice already the official trailer was released today. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading my blog and view it now by clicking here.

Growing up when other kids were dreaming about being Luke Skywalker or James Bond I was imagining myself as Indiana Jones. Seriously folks, is there anyone more cool? In my mind the equation is really simple:

Whip + Amazing Adventure + Scary Reptiles/Insects + Strong Minded Beautiful Female = Awesome Movie (That I'm going to watch a hundred times till the lines are infused in my soul)

For example:

"Cover your heart Indy!" - Short Round (Temple of Doom)

"Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" - Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

"Don't call me junior!" - Indian Jones (The Last Crusade)

"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." - Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

"You have chosen wisely." - The Knight (The Last Crusade)

And my all time favorite delivered on the Nazi Zeppelin by Indiana Jones in "The Last Crusade":

"No Ticket!"

May 22, 2008 can hardly come soon enough! The trailer looks like the movie will not disappoint unlike the 3 most recent Star Wars films. Then again it's hard to disappoint when you have both Lucas and Spielberg working together.

All I need now are some scary insects and a whip and my dream has become a reality.


Tobi Wilkinson said...

Women is pural. Woman is singular. you put the "the wonderful women who choose to marry me." Are you living a double life Matt? I think Mindy might be offended to find out you have two or more wives.

Matt said...

Yikes! This is why I need an editor. Change made.

In all fairness though Tobi, women is "plural" not "pural."

I'm not quite sure what "pural" is but I definitely don't want to be married to someone who has that characteristic.

Spymommy said...

How is it that Harrison Ford is still so hot after all these years? Yikes!

Tobi Wilkinson said...

Okay so I 'guess' I'm not so hot as an editor. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. By the way I looked up pural on It's not even a real word! HA!

Jenn said...

I guess I know what I'm going to get you for your birthday...I wonder where I can find a whip?

I love Indiana Jones! Growing up we hardly ever watched the Bonds or Star Wars, my dad was Jones kinda guy. One of my favorite scenes when I was little was the "love you" on the girls eyelids, I tried to figure out how to do that, to no avail, and my mom did have bright blue eyeliner.

Oh yeah, how come the word verification thing keeps getting longer?

The Queen Vee said...

Can't wait, hope no snakes, the adventure continues. My kind of movie, pure entertainment No Oscar given.

I remember when the first movie came out. You were almost 4 and probably too young to be going to such a movie but we took you anyway. Oh well ,it didn't seem to harm you too much.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

My all-time favorite ride at Disneyland is Indiana Jones and Sparky just can't figure out why. I've tried to show him the first (the only kid-approved one really) movie and while he like it, he still didn't quite get it. For some reason it isn't quite a catchy as Star Wars for the new generations, but Harrison Ford did manage to capture our generation.
Yes... I'll admit you are older than 10.

Matt said...

I don't know if I'd agree that the 1st Indiana Jones movie is "kid approved." I mean that nazi face that melts when the ark is open is still one of the goriest movie scenes I've ever scene.

In a very disturbing way it's also one of my favorites. I also like it when the guy peels off his face in poltergeist. Can you believe that movie is PG?

Kernal Ken said...

I would like to thank the Academy for the great honor of winning the inaugural Bloggie.

I especially wish to thank Mrs. Malaprop, my sixth grade English teacher, who taught me the importance of always choosing the write word. I think it was my density to have her as my constructor.

I will always credit Mrs.Scratchnsniff for her persistence that I improve in cursive writing. Today, my cursive is pretty #@%$& good, although, being away from the Army, I have lost my inmate ability to choose just the write ?&%@#$ when I knead it.

And finally, I want to thank all the little people who have maid me one of them.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Actually Matt, now that you say that I remember that we either made him leave the room for that part or we skipped over it (the beauty of DVDs). I just confirmed with Sparky that he knows nothing of "melting faces" so apparently we weren't idiots and did the right thing. Maybe that's just it... we should have let him see that part and then he'd have liked it better.
It is funny how we think movies are so tragically violent or "bad" now compared to then and when we pull one out thinking it's going to be ok - its SOOO not. For instance, hubby got Goonies thinking it was a movie he liked as a kid. He popped it in the DVD player and that lasted for about 2.5 minutes before he yanked it back out and was mortified at the language.
We've played the "editing" game with quite a few movies. It's so much easier with DVDs and it isn't a language issue.

Kirsten said...

So how does Mindy feel about Indy and that they have to share the Valentine's spot on your blog?