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Does Somebody Have a Urim and Thummim?

I did it, I really did it. Some 100+ posts later I am finally caught up with everyone's blogs. I am never taking off 2 1/2 weeks from the blogosphere again!

I was told by a blond lawyer that were I to award a Bloggie this month (which I will) that in fairness I had to read every entry that I missed on everyone's blog. To that lawyer I now can say that not only have I read every entry, but that her blog took me over an hour to read. You really should write books girl!

Anyway, during the course of reading I posted an occasional comment here and there and many times came across the dreaded "Word Verification" functionality. I myself employ this functionality on my site thinking that it in some way it makes it more safe.

It doesn't.

In fact, it can often times can be extremely frustrating and increasingly annoying. Is it just me or are there days when the words are absolutely in no way, shape, or form legible to the human eye? I found myself numerous times looking at the screen thinking, "maybe it's an L, could be a that a lower case J? I think it just may be!" only to have my patience tested when the word is rejected upon submission.

I swear there are days one needs a Urim and Thummim to decipher the cryptic signs of Word Verification. And so today, I am setting this blog from the from the from the need to enter random letters.

I feel like I need a video clip of Mel Gibson yelling "Freedom!" from Braveheart.


The Queen Vee said...

dfimpqx, try pronouncing that. I thought we were free from word verification on this BLOG. Now you must supply the definition for the word I had to verify to post this blog at midnight. Once again it is dfimpqx.... And yes, I will be getting up in four hours to catch a flight to CO. Lamma , one tired Lamma is on the way.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Well you made my day by muscling through the word verification to comment on all of my posts (which are way too wordy - I know). So thanks.
But on the verification thing...
Everyone I know who doesn't have that on their blog gets the "check this out" spam bot virus comments, so beware. I'll be curious to see if you befall that curse because I've noticed that the "words" have gotten ridiculously hard to read myself and I've had to put them in 3x per comment sometimes.

Jennerator said...

THANK GOODNESS!! I HATE that stupid word verification. You have seen the light Matt and it is truly wonderful.

Mona said...

Down with word verification.

It bites.

Spymommy said...

I'm telling you Matt, you've got to change your attitude, not the word verification function.

I try to look at it as a game. Everytime I come across word verification, I try to see a real word hidden in there somewhere - or I try to make a new word up with the letters given.

You have to see yourself as up to the challenge. Don't let word verification win . . . you're smart enough to figure out the letters.

Tobi said...

I loathe word verification thingie. But if I don't have it on my blog then I get stupid perfume spam. NOT KIDDING. Love your post. Since you have posted again this week I officially forgive you for taking a long blogger vacation. So let it be written. So let it be done!