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"Don't Cry For Me Fellow Bloggers...."

The truth is I never left you. Okay, so maybe I did for a time and if you want to know exactly how long talk to my sister because apparently she's been keeping track. I've just been super busy traveling back and forth between Denver and Boston for work and really haven't had a moment to reach out to what I am sure is a quickly depleting reader base. It wasn't until yesterday that my body remembered what time zone it was in and I think my mind is just catching up. Truthfully, It feels as though I just posted.

So if any of you are still out there, here is a brief recap of everything that has happened since my last post:

1 Month For Tessa

It seems as though she was just born, but she's already a month and some change. Her eyes no longer have the red rings around the pupils which were caused by her quick entrance into the world. Both she and mom are doing great, but I think the wife wishes that Tessa didn't want to eat "literally" every 2 hours. It has made for many sleepless nights which have made for even more difficult days in my absence. In short, my wife is amazing! I couldn't deal with the demands of motherhood without being taken to the "nutty house." All hail mothers! 

It also is reasonable to think that I still have "nutty house" potential as a father.

JetBlue, I Love You

In an attempt to understand my wife's sleep depravation I decided to put myself through a similar experience by taking the "red-eye" on JetBlue. I had a 3 hour meeting in Boston and decided that instead of staying there overnight it made more sense to fly in and out on the same day. It seemed like a good idea until I realized that I only would get 3 hours sleep in a 36 hour time period. This is the closest I have ever been to drug experimentation as my mind was doing some wacky things in the 36th hour.

The only saving grace to all of this was that I flew JetBlue which is um....AWESOME! In short this is what the service entailed: Sleep Kit (i.e ear plugs & eye mask), Unlimited Snacks (I recommend the Pistachio/Almond Biscotti), Leather Seat, Free Satellite TV, Free XM Radio, Warm Washcloth, Complimentary Bottle of Dove Lotion, Extra Leg Room for $20 (well worth it for anyone over 6 feet). It was almost like flying Domestic First Class, in fact it's better than United First in many respects.

If you ever get the chance to fly Blue I strongly recommend it. One of the few great airlines left in the United States.

Juno, That Was a Good Movie

I saw this flick while flying on JetBlue. I thought it was really well done and Ellen Page cracked me up. Granted the story line is a bit disturbing being that it deals with teen 
pregnancy and divorce, but I did like how the character chose to put the baby up for adoption instead of the alternative. I thought the film had some really sincere moments and for some reason it reminded me how much I love my family.

Are You Insane?

This is the question you must ask me when I tell you that I decided to buy 2 Yankees hats for my children while in Boston. My good friend Rob did the same thing for his kids a week earlier and the cashier wouldn't talk to him for the remainder of the time he was in the store. Look Sox fans, if you have such issue with the Yankees then why are you selling their memorabilia in the first place?

Anyway, I decided that I would buy that hats in the "Lids" store in Logan airport. I figured this way if a riot broke out I would have a quick getaway on the airplane. I nervously went up to the cashier and whispered, "I'd like 2 Yankees hats for kids please." She looked at me for a second and then looked around the store. I was sure she had some blunt object under the table and I was about to see an untimely death, but then the unexpected occurred. She raised her hand for what I was sure was about to be a blow to the face and said, "All right, give me five!"

Could it be? A Boston born Yankees fan? Much to my surprise and delight the answer is a resounding "Yes!" Clearly the gentiles are starting to see the light. Isn't this one of the signs of the Second Coming in the Book of Revelations?

Grandma Lamma  

Too funny not to share. The other night at dinner Olivia looked at me and the dialogue went something like this:

Olivia: When is the Lamma coming to visit?
Me: You mean Grandma Lamma in Virginia?
Olivia: Yeah, Lamma.
Me: Do you think her name is Lamma?
Olivia: (looking at me like I'm an idiot) Yeah!
Me: Lamma Carlson?
Olivia: Yeah!
Me: Okay, I'm cool with that.

Because we refer to the other Grandma as "Grandma Sharon," she automatically assumed that my mother's name is "Lamma." I think I'll leave it that way for a while as it makes me laugh, just like when we pass McDonald's and Olivia exclaims, "Look! There's Old McDonald's!"



Spymommy said...

Yay for me that you finally blogged again! Yay for me twice that the entire post had me laughing my head off! Yay for me thrice that I'm the first to comment on your welcome back.

Now, Matt-a-boo Chicken (oops, did I just 'out' your childhood nickname?) . . . don't you ever take a three week, two hour and forty two minute break from blogging again. I need your humor in my life. Love you!

ps. You didn't quote yourself right -- it's "and upscale treats, you know, like biscotti."

Mona said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere.

And Amen to all written. Love Ellen Page. Love Grandma Sharon. And now I want to go on a trip and fly Jet Blue.

Tobi said...

Huzzah to Matt!! for doing a really long blog! Blog again next week and I "might" consider forgiving you for taking such an extended leave of absence. MAKE IT SO!!

P.S. Flying Jet Blue sounds downright dreamy.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I check your blog daily and get sad every time I see it isn't updated. You know you have a lot of reading to do right? You must ensure that you give out a bloggie in all fairness but reading EVERYONE's posts for the last month.

I haven't seen Juno yet, but I'm totally behind a movie that puts a teenaged momma's baby up for adoption. Good move, good example out of a bad situation. I'm seeing disturbing trends otherwise.

I'm a JetBlue fan too. In fact, I'm flying out to VA on them in July to visit the other Carlsons... on a redeye.

Jennerator said...

Welcome back!!

Glad you are back home, as a wife who's husband has been gone for only 6 days I have come to have just a slight taste for Mindy's burden (and I don't have a one month old). Yeah, you have an AMAZING wife (and she's really cute too)!

And I love's "Grandma Sharon" for us too, but we don't have a clever name for my mom, just Roberts (oh yeah, and now I no where 'Whit-a-boo-Chicken' came from).

The Queen Vee said...

I know that both Mindy and you have had a really busy month and you have put your energies and priorities in the right place. Looks like your adoring public is happy to have you back though. Can't wait to gather my CO flock around me in a few days. Yes, Olivia the Big Lamma as in Gramma is coming to see you.

adrienne said...

Congratulations to you and Mindy on your beautiful baby girl! Please let her know that I said HI!


Anonymous said...

Yankees rule and your baby is cute.

Kernal Ken said...

Yankees are cute and your baby rules...

acte gratuit said...

'Bout time!