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And The April Bloggie Goes To.......

Anderson Zoo for her post on "the VIPER."

There were a lot of really great posts out there in April, but anyone who can keep my attention when writing about a toilet and even make me laugh deserves an award.

What really set this post apart from the others was the intriguing demonstration video of the the Viper's awesome and forceful power. Not only did the testers put pieces of in the toilet, but they stepped it up a notch by putting an entire bowl of fruit salad in the thing. Maybe you didn't hear me right, an entire bowl of fruit salad!!!

Please note that if you ever digest an entire bowl of fruit salad at once you should seek medical attention immediately, unless of course your an elephant. Actually now that I think of it if you are an elephant and you ever digest and entire bowl of fruit salad at once you should also seek medical attention as this is a sure sign of constipation. Oh, I totally went there. A healthy elephant would surely digest several bowls of fruit salad.

Anyway, It should also be noted that in the world of "Bloggies" threatening the judge is equally as effective as kissing up to him. Threats from a lawyer are even more effective.

But all this being said, the post was funny and tackled an unusual and private subject matter. So, congrats Mrs. Anderson you made me and all bums across America proud. And I don't mean the homeless people.

Now if I could only decide if I'd rather eat your cooking or use your fancy latrine?

You can read "the VIPER" post by clicking here.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

YIPPEEEEE for me!!
Oh I secretly hoped that the Viper would doo it for me (get it?).


Thanks for the award.

There are many people I should thank for this honor. Not the least of which being the plumbers who know a good toilet when they see it, the original builders of the home who used subpar toilets forcing me to upgrade, and my son and husband who regularly challenge toilets all over the world. Yes, I went there too.


Spymommy said...

I'm in the audience giving a standing ovation to the Anderson Zoo for the entry on the Viper. The Hubby and I had to watch the vidoe twice, we were laughing so hard the first time we missed when the guy said it was SEVEN POUNDS of fruit salad. Unreal.

Andersons, you totally reign on the throne!

Kernal Ken said...


I must admit the Viper caught the attention of both the Queen and Kernal Ken. I can't recall anyone in my life sharing the details of their loo in such dramatic fashion. Besides, on my current diet, the fruit salad looked pretty good. Sorry to see it disappear so quickly...

The Queen Vee said...

I know that Shar is FLUSHED with excitement over her Bloggie award. The VIPER puts all other toilets to shame as it can take all sorts of crap( watch the video) and keep on flushing. Without Shar's posting we would all be in the dark but now, are enlightened on loo technology.

Tobi said...

Huzzah for bloggies!! I'm so excited Shar won. She totally deserved it. Good job Matt for picking such a worthy post.

Julie said...

I bet Shar will let you use her Viper AFTER you eat one of her meals. Then you can really live the dream. (You don't know me but I know everyone else in your family and I know Shar so yes, I am commenting on your blog. Deal.)

Kirbell said...

Wow, that video was amazing. I was horrified yet intrigued by the 750g of "standard media." Also, I think after watching the 7 lbs. of fruit salad disappear in about 3 seconds, I would never let my children go to the bathroom on THE VIPER for fear they would also disappear!