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So Much For Global Warming!

I am convinced that global warming is possibly the biggest fabrication in the world today. I acknowledge that the world's climate is changing, but feel that this follows a natural pattern that earth has seen over thousands of years.

My favorite thing that liberal environmentalists claim is that we are seeing erratic climate patterns due to global warming. So in other words the reason that it snowed in Denver yesterday on May 1, 2008 is because the earth is warming up at an unprecedented rate. That makes sense. Not!

For those of you that think global warming is an undeniable truth I suggest you go read Michael Crichton's book, "State of Fear." He cites multiple renowned scientist and climatologist throughout the world that basically state that there is really no strong evidence to substantiate global warming. Why do you think liberals have steered clear of this term and started saying "climate change" instead.

But wait, what about Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth?" Clearly that shows that global warming is at a crisis state throughout the world and we need to act now or we're all doomed! I mean he won he Nobel Peace Prize, so there has to be something to what he's saying, right? Wrong.

First of all, I don't know what global warming has to do with global peace, so the Nobel Peace Prize totally lost credibility in my eyes. Second, scientist throughout the world have pointed out that the documentary has 9 glaring scientific errors in it. Does this disturb anyone as much as it does me? If I had 9 errors in a deliverable for a client I would get reprimanded by my employer, but in this case we shouldn't be bothered by blatant lies, let's give the man an award! I bet Mother Teresa, the 1979 winner, rolled over in her grave when Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Don't get me wrong people, I'm a huge supporter of developing new energy alternatives. One, because it will help my breathing to have cleaner air. I learned this while living in Russia where the air quality is abysmal. Two, we clearly need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil! I think we can all agree that gas prices are outrageous! I just get irritated that this has become such a huge issue in the liberal agenda as I think there are far more important issues such as the economy, education, health care, and global terrorism. I wonder if the Nobel Peace Prize committee ever thought of handing out an award for "PEACE" in on of those areas.

The real fact is that global warming is a blatant lie that is being used to try to stir the emotions of the general public for political purposes. Don't be surprised if environmentalist abandon their stance on global warming in a few years and start talking "Global Freezing." Their proof? It snowed on May 1, 2008 in Denver, Colorado. We're all doomed!


Mona said...

It snowed here, too. Boo.

I do think that the climate is changing, but I think that this was foretold quite a while ago.

I'm all about doing my part to clean up the Earth though. Recycle? Yes. Those swirly light bulbs? Check. Reusable H20 bottle? Check. Reusable grocery bags? Check. Thinking about riding my bike instead of driving my car? Seriously considering it.

But do I do this because of some supposed doomsday global warming? No. I do it because I believe that it's just part of being a responsible citizen.

lrbinfrisco said...

It's ironic that Al Gore and the IPCC recieved the Nobel Peace Price for the work they've done promoting fear in AGW and supporting "solutions" to avoid this doomsday which include Biofuels. The same biofuels which are artificially inflating food prices world wide creating a food crisis that threatens the lives of millions of people. If that's peaceful, I want no part of it.

Tobi said...

It's just a little snow Matt. We'll get through this together. Breathe.

Ben said...

Snow sure is pretty, huh? I love to see snowflakes and houses covered with a beautiful layer of pictures!! Today's weather in Irvine - 77 degrees! Yup, the house prices stink, but you should still move here!

Matt said...

There is nothing like sitting in deadlocked rush hour traffic in that beautiful California weather. Which of course is in severe danger to global warming.

acte gratuit said...

Dear Matt,
Why don't we discuss something of real importance? Like when are you going to award me a Bloggie?

P.S. I agree with you AND Mona. Al Gore is a shmuck, AND we should take care of the earth because we are its stewards...not because we're gullible sheeple.

Jennerator said...

Don't get me started. You should check out the post I am working on, I think it's becoming a research paper.

We should be stewards of the earth's resources, BUT NOT TO THE POINT WHERE WE ARE UNABLE TO USE THEM AS WAS INTENDED.

As for the Nobel Peace Prize, it is awarded in five different areas; physics, chemistry, physiology/ medicine, literature, and peace. It lost all credibility for me when the UN won in 2001.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Thank you Matt. I think we are operating on the same wavelength right now. My son's teacher (who apparently is the biggest green freak EVER) two weeks ago would send them home with fantastic nuggets of wisdom like "tell your parents to get rid of your dryers and put all your clothes out on clothes lines to save the environment." I told him to go in and tell her she can come do my laundry. He and I had to have a little heart to heart about global warming because he was seriously thinking the world was coming to an end. The world has been warming since the ice age darling. We sat down at the computer and did some responsible research. And yes, we recycle and do everything else that we're supposed to do - like drink out of nalgene bottles - but only because I want to, not because Al Gore makes me (or my son's teacher).

Joel said...

I knew we were cosines for a reason. I can't even watch the news anymore because of all the "green" drivel that is shoved down my throat.